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The Edward Curated Retirement Living Land Use Amendment

Section23 The Edward Ltd. (The Edward Curated Retirement Living) is submitting an application to the City of Calgary to amend the existing Land Use on the site for the future use of the existing dining room, bistro and patio amenities to serve members of the public in addition to serving the residents of The Edward.

If approved, this amendment will allow The Edward to continue its vision of community connection, providing residents and the Marda Loop community with an opportunity to engage in a safe manner.

The following provides you with an overview of the proposed changes, and how to engage with the project team. The project team invites you to hear more about the proposed Land Use Amendment, join the engagement session here.

About The Project

The Land Use Amendment will continue to prioritize resident use while allowing for The Edward's existing dining room, bistro and patio amenities to serve members of the Marda Loop community. The amendment will address the current building's future usage, providing an additional community amenity; this Land Use Amendment will not require any additional construction or external material changes to The Edward.

This application will allow the existing restaurant space to be opened to the surrounding Marda Loop community and neighbours in a limited capacity and diversify the unique commercial offerings in Marda Loop, while providing a safe place for residents of The Edward to actively engage with friends and neighbours in their community. Residents of The Edward will continue to have first priority use of the dining room, bistro and patio through the existing reservation system. A Parking Study was completed which indicates there is more than enough existing parking on site to handle any additional parking demand from this application.

Please note The Edward is committed to the utmost safety and consideration for its residents; public access will be by reservation only and based on the available capacity. Operational decisions for use of the restaurant will follow guidelines implemented by public health officials.

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Nest Bistro
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The Marjorie Dining Room

Questions & Answers

Is a new restaurant being built at The Edward?

No. The dining room, bistro and patio already exist and are currently serving residents of the Edward. This Land Use Amendment will allow The Edward’s existing restaurant amenities to also serve members of the public in a limited capacity. It is also important to note that there will be no exterior signage advertising the restaurant facilities as publicly open. The building and restaurant amenities as you see them today will not change as a result of this application.

Will this effect on-street parking around The Edward?

A Parking Study was completed for the site which determined the change of use would result in demand for an additional 12 parking stalls. The Edward has a surplus of 19 stalls in its underground parkade which will accommodate this additional parking demand. Visitors to the dining room and bistro will have access to valet parking service upon arrival.

When will the restaurant be open to the public?

The earliest possible approval date for this application will be July 2021. However, the primary concern of The Edward management team is to ensure the safety of its residents. If the application is approved, operational decisions for use of the restaurant by members of the public will follow guidelines implemented by public health officials in consideration for the utmost safety and consideration for its residents.

How much of the restaurant capacity will be allocated to the public?

Residents of The Edward will always be given priority seating for the dining room and bistro through the reservation system, with public reservations limited to the remaining available capacity. The intent is for the restaurant to remain a ‘local secret’ that is primarily enjoyed by those in the surrounding community, and by friends and families of The Edward residents.


The following submissions are required as part of the project:

Edward Land Use Amendment process timeline

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