Vision & History: The Edward

A Ground-Breaking Community Comes To Life

A New Vision for Independent Retirement Living

From the very beginning, The Edward was conceived as a fresh approach to seniors’ living, its origins lying in Section23 founder Robert Ollerenshaw’s passion for the arts, architecture and most of all, building relationships and strengthening communities.

In his own life, Robert could see how older friends and family–his mother in particular–were enriched by the time they spent interacting with people of all ages, and how that engaged lifestyle was an energizing force in their daily lives.

In contrast to the regimented style of traditional seniors’ residences, Robert envisioned an upscale independent living retirement residence that encouraged personal enrichment and interaction, while resisting staid and regimented social and dining routines. Adding in resort-inspired amenities and concierge service, and placing it all in a vibrant, accessible community was an important final step to his vision.

Robert realized that being situated next to the cSPACE arts community hub was an ideal location for this new style of seniors’ residence, and with a team of experts, consultants and partners, he set his plan in motion. Instead of “aging in place”, residents of this new independent living facility would be able to “age in community”.

South Calgary, cSPACE and The Edward

Originally built in the early 1900s, The King Edward school thrived at the heart of the South Calgary community for over 100 years, before declining enrolment forced the closing of its doors to students in 2001.

Soon after, it was named a provincial heritage site, and plans were set in motion to transform the venerable sandstone school into an entirely new and unique form that would become cSPACE King Edward.

Conceived as an ‘arts hub’, cSPACE allows visual and performing artists to share not only creative spaces, but also creative energy. It’s now filled with studios, galleries, performance theatres and public spaces–even a farmers & makers market on weekends, creating a vital, sustainable and innovative heart in this classic community.

Section23 recognized cSPACE – with its central location, creative spirit and collaborative nature – as the ideal fit for our new retirement community. Inspired by the school’s original name, The Edward is a truly unique and progressive residence offering a healthy, independent, active – and most importantly – engaged lifestyle.

Complemented by comprehensive personalized services and five-star amenities, life at The Edward promises to put residents in the centre of this exciting, spirited hub of art, culture and life.

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